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Moving Forward

The new… “normal”???

For over a year, we were basically asked to hold our breath. Our doors were closed to group public classes for a majority of 18 months. We did what we could with outdoor classes and virtual opportunities. But it was over a year of figuratively, holding in, what we come to our mats to focus on. I think that it is important to create a new space after what we have all been through. It will take some time, but as a yoga community and family, we can put together a stronger community that extends beyond the structure of the 4 physical walls we practice in.

A lot has changed...Samantha and I continue to receive questions, try to address the raised eyebrows and concerns, and hope that most of you are starting to explore your new practice in the “new” spaces. I understand that there are still some questions regarding the split of the MI Hot Yoga studio set up. That is a really loaded and complicated one--that will require a really long blog post one day once we have all sorted through the emotions that came with that split. But we are welcoming the opportunity to make some shifts in the way we present, share and practice our yoga at Yoga Connect. And we thought it might be helpful to digest some of that in a less formal way...a way where we can also hear back from you--and take in some of your thoughts on the new direction--and accept some loving feedback on where we can still adjust and move.

Let’s start with our mission statement…