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Light On Life

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

“A thriving learning community begins through conversation giving value to unique approaches to literature.”

The words from Nathaniel Petrich’s words in his research, Conversations Inspiring Community, speaks to an important part of human connection that we have lost a sense of from the pandemic that began in 2020.


Conversing. Conversations. Actual Talking.

And from that conversation…

Growth. Learning. Sharing an experience of perspective.

During the spring and summer of 2020 a few members of our YC community and I shared a small book club that met bi-weekly outdoors and read/discussed several amazing books. We focused on books that were based in yogic philosophy and had such wonderful & productive discussions. I really believe it was part of a shift in the direction of the studio focus and vision.

Not only does the reading and intake of information from a new source increase our personal knowledge, but when we sit down and engage with others in question/answer or discussion time, we are encouraged to dive deeper and expand our learning experience. We have the opportunity to hear other perspectives, to develop new and more engaging relationships, and expand healthy and effective communication techniques.


Why not engage, grow and deepen our community connection with a shared experience of reading and discussing together???

The Book:

Light on Life by BKS Inyengar

Yoga is about more than moving and flowing through postures and transitions and stepping out of the studio feeling “good’.

“ Yoga allows you to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life, where you do not feel like you are constantly trying to fit the broken pieces together”

--excerpt from Light on Life

What are some of the reasons you first started practicing?

a workout? stress relief? injury rehabilitation? to increase flexibility?

Was there a point where that changed for you?

How do you see your practice evolving from where it is now?

What is something that has surprised you about practicing yoga?



T H E P L A N:

Committing to another "thing" on the calendar is challenging for a lot of us right now--and not just because we don't "have time"--but it can feel mentally challenging to look at a calendar that is already full and fit something else in. So we will start our book club series with a little less pressure!! You can comment, join in and have your study time from your own space!

  1. Read a specified section or selection over a period of time and then engage in an online book club discussion – here on our YC Blog!!! You will be able to participate by simply adding replies, comments, and answers to questions right on the Blog!

  2. We will have some short “get the chat moving” questions to get us started–answer/reply when something you read jumps out.

  3. Add to the “discussion” with any other comments, thoughts, or reflections that seem to make sense and let’s see where it goes and what else we can see!

This doesn’t have to be a major commitment on your part. The book is great–I encourage everyone to read it (probably more than once!)! Just like any book, you will find areas that are relevant to your life now, and then perhaps some that won't appear until you read it down the road for a second time! We’ll chat about the book before classes too–after classes–and I imagine a lot of our teaching staff will begin to pull some of these ideas, thoughts and reflections out in classes too. So there will be lots of ways to integrate.




Week 1: Preface/Introduction and Chapter 1--The Inward Journey

Tell us about your yoga journey: how it began, how it has evolved, where you see it heading, what's missing

Questions to reflect on from Chapter 1:

1. Can you share an example of a feeling or emotion you may have experienced when your body layers or sheaths (called kosas--pronounced ko-sha) have been out of alignment?

2. Under the section titled "The Eight Petals of Yoga", Iyengar discusses some of the incremental experiences we might begin to discover on our way to "ultimate freedom"--what are some of the experiences you have uncovered in your own practice--share a bit about them.

3. How would you differentiate "mindfulness" from "meditation" (read the 8 Petals section, topic of dhyana)?

4. Please share any thoughts on "Learning to Live in the Natural World" section.

Week 2: Chapter 2--Stability--The Physical Body (Asana)

Week 3: Chapter 3--Vitality--The Energy Body (Prana)

Week 4: Chapter 4--Clarity--The Mental Body (Manas)

Week 5: Chapter 5--Wisdom--The Intellectual Body (Vijnana)

Week 6: Chapter 6--Bliss--The Divine Body (Ananda)

Week 7: Chapter 7--Living in Freedom; Conclusions

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