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OUR classes

We want to give our clients options, without making the options too confusing or complicated.  We have tailored our class descriptions and given you suggestions for the level of practice.  However, we always welcome all levels to our classes.  If you are new to yoga or feel in any way unsure about participation in a specific class, please reach out to us!  We will be glad to discuss more in-depth the particular class or even the instructor.  We can even introduce you so that you may ask any questions or clarify directly with the instructor who will guide that session.  


Occasionally, we will further specialize a particular style of class.  For instance, we have found our clients love Aromatherapy classes--so occasionally you might see "Candlelight Aromatherapy Blend" class.  This would still be our Blend format--with an added Aromatherapy element--essential oil diffusers, candles, perhaps the option to have the essential oil blend rolled on your wrists before class.  We also might announce a specific theme or pose of the week/month for our Basics classes.  If you are ever unsure of a class listed or what a specific title means, do not hesitate to reach out to us!!

YC Foundation flow

Each of these classes will be similar, familiar and yet challenge you to explore & experience the subtle differences, changes and opportunities within your practice.  Clients will create a sacred space of their own and learn to establish a rhythmic pranayama (breath practice) in order to sustain their physical (asana) practice.  We utilize Surya Namaskara A &B, as well as a guided series of foundational Ashtanga poses.  Embodiment of the physical and more subtle elements of yoga will be emphasized.

Moderate Heat.

Image by Junseong Lee
Image by Chelsea Gates

Bring balance to your body and mind with this calm, slow-paced practice. This class is done almost exclusively flat on the mat, with a small amount of movement and with the support of various props. The practice is designed to be more physically restorative, with a focus also on mental release. Yin is not intended to be done with heat so the room temperature will be lower and light layers are recommended. We also try to maintain very low lighting or only candlelight for our restorative classes.  Often our instructors will offer light massage or gentle assists to deepen your experience, but it is always just an offering and we provide time to let us know if you prefer no physical touch in your practice.

Low Heat.

where to start

This 30 minute non-heated yoga class will provide a safe loving environment for you to learn how to connect mind, body and spirit through breath and basic yoga postures.  Props and/or gentle hands-on assistance is available.  Designed to welcome all bodies, this class is perfect for those who are seeking to try yoga again or for those wanting to try it for the very first time.  We can't wait to see you on your mat!

Low Heat

Image by Antonika Chanel
Breath & Willpower

This practice combines vinyasa (sequences where you link the movement and sequences to your breath) and a slower pace of sequenced postures held for several breaths. There are usually 2-3 sequences lightly guided with freedom to move and adjust both the poses and pace as each individual needs.  Occasionally instructors may add aromatherapy elements, philosophical components or even themes for the class. These will be announced in advance

Heated Class..

Candlelight yoga 

Our Candlelight Yoga practice is structured  include intentional poses blended with optional modifications, connecting your breath with mindful movement offered at a slightly slower pace.  We keep the lighting low and the candles high to set the tone for a wind down to your day.  All levels, ages & bodies of all shapes & sizes are encouraged to attend this practice. 

Low Heat for Tuesday session.

High Heat for Thursday session.

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Our “Detroit Original Style” Hot Vinyasa class is a invigorating to explore the freedom to flow on your own while linking your own breath to movement through a series flows led by the teacher. Expect the teacher to walk the class through a flow together a few times, then allows students to move at their own pace. Light your fire, find your edge, then melt into sweet surrender. Music is loud and upbeat. If you are new to this class, please chat with the instructor beforehand. We are glad to move through the sequences with you or offer modifications/ variations as needed!

High Heat.

YC YinYasa

Bring balance to your body and mind with some restoration and some movement. This class begins with more restorative, long holds, often supported with props. We gradually build in some gentle movement and make our way through some light flow before cooling down and closing with some breath-focused mindfulness.   With less movement for the first half of the practice, the room temperature will feel cooler so layers are recommended. Often our instructors will offer light massage or gentle assists to deepen your experience, but it is always just an offering and we provide time to let us know if you prefer no physical touch in your practice.

Low Heat.

Fun at Yoga
HIIT + Yoga fusion

Bring your fitness training together with traditional, simple yoga flows!  We will move through different sections of the class designed to get your heart rate up, to strengthen and isolate specific target areas (our core, legs, glutes), and to move our bodies in sync with our breath.  There is a 45 minute variation as well as a full hour long session!

Moderate Heat.


A vinyasa class is an opportunity to move through poses and transitions, while you link the movements to your breath.  Flows will incorporate traditional Surya Namaskar A & B. There will usually be an additional, more creative, flow which will include variations of poses from traditional Ashtanga yoga. Light your fire, find your edge, then melt into sweet surrender. For those with less experience with this style, the instructor will offer many modifications or variations. For those with a more advanced practice, you are always encouraged to adjust the postures and transitions to challenge yourself.  Our instructor can also offer suggestions to intensify and bring different challenge.

Moderate Heat.

Yoga Stretches
Iyengar Yoga
Slow Burn

An intentional practice with deep focus on establishing the breath + posture. The birth of rhythm &  gentle flowing movements, passive and supported pose,  but allowing for more challenging poses based on your practice level.   Feel grounded & invite yourself to soften around the edges. Props are encouraged to allow the body to fully achieve each pose comfortably. 


This is a perfect beginning yoga class that is also appropriate for those working with injury, limited mobility, or who prefer a softer, gentler approach to yoga.

High Heat.

Breath & Willpower

Come to get a full body low impact workout by fusing the foundations of ballet, Pilates, and yoga. The class is fast paced and your muscles will be worked to fatigue with small controlled movements to create longer, leaner stronger muscles with minimal stress on your joints. This class will torch your upper and lower body covering the following areas: core, arms, thighs, and glutes. The upper body work includes the use of free weights. Bodyweight exercises ranging from small to large movements are incorporated throughout the class. Your body will be shaking and burning for sure, but in a good way to let you know that change is happening! Each class is set to upbeat music and ends with a mindful cool down.

Image by bruce mars
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